NMDC observes International Day of Yoga 2024

Hyderabad,(Thestates.news)| India’s largest iron ore producer, NMDC celebrated the 10th
International Day of Yoga with great enthusiasm, in tandem with this year’s theme ‘Yoga for
Self and Society’. Over 500 employees & their families across projects all over the country
participated in yoga sessions, underlining NMDC’s commitment to promoting health, wellbeing, and harmony within and outside the NMDC community.

The celebrations started at NMDC’s headquarters in Hyderabad, where employees, their
families, practised yoga led by certified instructors. Similar sessions were organized at
NMDC’s major mining projects and regionals offices nationwide, ensuring maximum

Speaking on the occasion, Shri Amitava Mukherjee CMD (Addl. Charge) said, “Yoga is an
invaluable gift from ancient India. It unites mind and body, thought and action, and brings
harmony between humans and nature. More than just exercise, yoga helps us find a sense of
oneness with ourselves, and the world around. At NMDC, we believe a healthy workforce is a
productive workforce, and today’s celebrations exemplify our commitment to this principle.”

NMDC has consistently championed workplace wellness, regularly organizing fitness
programs and workshops for its employees. Promoting this year’s theme, NMDC organized
various interactive competitions at it projects and regional offices for employees and students,
encouraging healthy culture. To engage with CISF personnel special yoga shivir was also
organized at major operational units. Towards building harmony and balance amongst
employees, NMDC conducts regular in-house yoga sessions at its corporate office.

The celebration of the 10th International Day of Yoga is a testament to NMDC’s commitment
to cultivating a healthy and harmonious work environment, inspiring its employees and the
community to embrace the benefits of yoga for a balanced and fulfilling life.