NMDC wins National Awards for Excellence in CSR and Sustainability

Hyderabad, (thestates.news): Country’s largest iron ore producer NMDC was conferred with National Awards for Excellence in CSR and Sustainability bestowed by ET Ascent in Bengaluru today. Company’s Director (Production) Shri Dilip Kumar Mohanty received the accolades presented to NMDC for Sustainable Income Generation and Best Overall CSR Excellence.
The mining major has invested decades in enhancing the quality of life of its host communities while ensuring that the development is socio-culturally sustainable. NMDC’s CSR Focus Areas – Education, Health, Skill Development, Infrastructure, and Safe Drinking Water are creating value and opportunities for people in the hinterlands of India. The company has demonstrated consciousness and commitment in its approach towards the environment. Known as the EcoFriendly Miners, NMDC’s responsible mine planning has been lauded by the Indian Bureau of Mines with a 5 Star Rating to all its complexes.
Shri Dilip Kumar Mohanty expressed his gratitude to ET Ascent for honouring NMDC’s contribution towards the social and sustainable development of our nation. He said, “NMDC is working relentlessly to achieve our nation building goals of mineral security, sustainability and self-reliance.”
Commending his team’s meticulous efforts towards CSR and Sustainability, Shri Sumit Deb, CMD, NMDC said, “As the country’s mining major, NMDC is committed to shape a sustainable and resilient future for India. We are consulting with our stakeholders on every step and harnessing the power of technology at our mines to ensure growth for our company and the community.”