Now UP tops in ethanol production too: Yogi Adityanath

Lucknow, (|  CM Yogi Adityanath on Friday praised the innovations in the sugar industry in the last six years in the state and said that the modernisation of the sugar mills of Uttar Pradesh has made them emerge from normal sugar producing mills to ‘integrated sugar complexes. Addressing a special event organised on the historic occasion of the completion of 120 years of the sugar industry in the state, Yogi said, “Today, Sugar is also being manufactured in the same premises, there is also a co-gen plant, an oxygen plant and an ethanol plant. UP’s sugar mills which are the largest producer of sugarcane and sugar in the country are now being recognised as a source of ‘green energy’ by adopting the policies of the Prime Minister and producing maximum ethanol.”

CM Yogi said that 120 years ago, keeping in mind the interest of the farmers, the first sugar mill in the state was established at Deoria. “In the recent few decades, the way sugar mills were closing down, farmers were desperate and distressed and were forced to migrate. It created a big crisis in front of the sugar industry. However, after 2017 the scenario changed. In the last 6 years, Rs 1.97 lakh crores was paid to the sugarcane farmers through DBT,” he said.

The CM Yogi said that today there are 100 sugar mills in the state, which are paying the farmers within 10 days of purchase. “This is a big change, the rest of the mills should also make similar efforts. There is no problem of sugarcane slip, complaints of shortage have ended, so the number of sugarcane farmers has increased from 45 lakh to 60 lakh. The production of sugarcane has increased and so has the area. Moreover, the recovery is also increasing by more than 11 per cent. Mills should keep farmers at the centre of their policies,” he said. While discussing the challenges of the Covid period, he also appreciated the contribution of the sugar industry during that period. He said that industries were closed all over the country but the sugar mills of UP were functioning and with the help of sugar mills, record production of sanitizers was also made available in 23 states. “Sugar mills also set up oxygen plants,” he said.

A coffee table book based on the glorious journey of 120 years of the sugar industry was released by the CM, as well as the dignitaries who contributed significantly to making the sugar industry prosperous in the state were honoured. Many celebrities including Padma Shri Meenakshi Saraogi were given this honour posthumously.

Sugarcane Development and Sugar Industry Minister Lakshmi Narayan Choudhary while sharing the agony of sugar mills being closed one by one in the previous governments, expressed gratitude to the CM for the revival of the sugar industry in the last six years. Keeping in view the future needs, he emphasised on setting up more and more ethanol plants. In the program, the President of the Indian Sugar Mill Association, Aditya Jhunjhunwala congratulated everyone on the completion of 120 years of establishment of the first sugar mill in the state and thanked the central and state government for the clear policy regarding sugar and ethanol. He said that the Union Government has set a target of increasing ethanol blending in petrol to 20 per cent by the year 2025. “Sugar mills are ready to extend their full cooperation for this,” he said. He also pointed out the need to increase sugarcane productivity and pay attention to additional ethanol, as well as urged the sugarcane scientists to research new varieties of sugarcane.(UNI)