On World Homeopathy Day, training was given on the “Role of Homeopathy in Wellness”

Department of AYUSH hosted a one-day state-level training and introduced a souvenir called “Homeo-Darshan”

Raipur(| On the occasion of World Homeopathy Day, the State Government’s AYUSH Department hosted a one-day state-level training on the ‘Role of Homeopathy in Wellness’ for Government Homeopathic Medical Officers at Naveen Vishram Bhavan, Civil Line, Raipur. Director of the AYUSH Department, Mr. P. Dayanand, officially inaugurated the training program while, the chief instructor from Kolkata, Dr. Ashish Kumar Ghosh, detailed the many usages of homeopathy in health and wellness centers to the participating medical officers.

The director of AYUSH Department, Mr. P. Dayanand, stated at the start of the state-level training program that homeopathy is currently the second most used methodology in the world. He also discussed his personal experiences with homeopathy. He stated that the government homeopathic doctors in Chhattisgarh are doing excellent work in this area. These days, homeopathic practitioners are successfully treating a wide range of diseases with this method. Mr. Dayanand stated that there is a need to advance homeopathy in the present by making it more result-oriented and research-based. This is something that the AYUSH department is always prepared for.