People, Planet and Profit are interlinked, says PM Modi

New Delhi, ( PM Narendra Modi on Thursday said People, Planet and Profit are interlinked to each other and all three can simultaneously flourish and co-exist.

Delivering the inaugural address of the 95th annual plenary session of the Indian Chamber of Commerce (#ICC) through video conferencing here, he said, ‘People, Planet and Profit are interlinked to each other. All three can simultaneously flourish and co-exist,’ and gave an example of the reduction in price of LED bulbs compared to six years ago, which had led to savings of about Rs 19 thousand crores in electricity bills every year.

That is, Profit for both people and the planet, he maintained.
Mr Modi said that other schemes and decisions of the government in the last 5-6 years, have been based on the concept of people, planet and profits.
He also highlighted how people benefit from using waterways, how it reduces the cost of Logistics and that the planet also benefits from less fuel burn.

Taking inspiration from “What Bengal thinks today, #India Thinks Tomorrow” the Prime Minister urged the industry to move forward.
Referring to the war against the #COVID-19 #Pandemic, the Prime Minister said India is putting up a brave front along with the entire world. He said the country is also facing various other problems arising out of disasters like locust attacks, hailstorms, Oil Rig Fires, series of mini earthquakes and two cyclones, but that the nation is fighting these problems in unison.
Mr Modi said that such difficult times have made India more resolute. He said that determination, will power and unity are the strength of the nation which makes the country to fight all the crises.

He said that any crisis provides us with an opportunity to turn it into a turning point to build a self- reliant India (#AatmaNirbhar Bharat).
The Prime Minister said self reliance has been an aspiration of India for years.

‘Now it is time to make each village, district of the country self-reliant,’ he said and called for pulling the Indian economy out of ‘command and control’ mode and taking it towards ‘plug and play’ mode. (uni) (