PM Modi took 10 years to bring appetizer, will take 100 years to bring main course : Lalu Prasad

Patna (| RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav said “Prime Minister Narendra Modi took 10 years to bring the appetizer, he will take 100 years to bring the main course”. Through his wit and humor-laden post on Social media X on Friday, Yadav made satirical remarks on a statement of the Prime Minister made recently in a public meeting. In his typical style, Yadav wrote that the Prime Minister spent 10 years in bringing the appetizer, and he will take 100 years to bring the main course.”The guy will die waiting”, he commented.

Yadav further wrote that “when the appetizers have a record level of poverty, inflation, and unemployment, then what will be on the plate”? “You (people) will have a bowl (begging bowl) in your hand, not a plate”, he further added. The RJD leader cautioned the people to vote carefully in this election.

As it is Prime Minister Modi in one of his recent public meetings had said that whatever work he has done during the past 10 years for the country was an appetizer and the main course plate was still to be brought for which he gave a guarantee. The BJP is contesting elections on the “Modi ki guarantee” slogan. Yadav who is away from hectic campaigns due to his health conditions may campaign for his daughters Rohini Acharya and Misa Bharti contesting the Lok Sabha election.(UNI)