Politics of Bengal has never been development oriented: PM Modi

Haldia, (media Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said Bengal was among the leading states of India before Independence, but after that, Congress’ bhrashtachar, Left’s atyachar and then Mamata’s misrule hampered its growth.
He said the politics of Bengal had never been development oriented.
Addressing a rally here, Mr Modi launched a scathing attack on the Mamata Banerjee-led TMC government in the state.

He said, “The party of maa, maati, maanus is making farmers suffer, while you can see who is working to benefit farmers.”
The Prime Minister said Mamata didi promised parivartan (change) in West Bengal. Everyone trusted her with her promise, but in 10 years, all they received was nirmamta (cruelty).

“What they have is rebirth of the Left. Rebirth of criminals. Rebirth of attack on democracy. She gets angry on ‘bharat mata ki jai’ slogan, but she won’t get angry no matter what people are saying against country,” Mr Modi said.

“This year’s budget has allocated a lot for people working in tea gardens of West Bengal. Before independence, Bengal was India’s most developed state. It offered the best education. Why did it lose that position? How did this happen?” he asked.
Mr Modi said the Bengal government joined the PM Kisan scheme reluctantly, but the Centre is unable to transfer benefits because the details of Bengal farmers have not been provided.

He said Mamata is irked if you ask her about development and chant Jai Shri Ram, “but does not say a word at international conspiracies to defame the nation. “Attempts are being made to target India’s image, but has Mamata reacted?”

Mr Modi said, “Will launch gas and road connectivity projects, these projects will help in Haldia’s development, these projects will open news doors for trade and these key projects will create new jobs.”

The Prime Minister said, “I pay respect to the Bengal – the land that has given the world visionaries. The gas and road connectivity projects that are being inaugurated today will create new jobs. These projects will help open new doors for trade with our neighbours. Bengal has always been a priority for the Central government.”

He said only cruelty in ten years of Mamata’s rule. “I want to know why Bengal is so backward? The people of Bengal want change now,” Mr Modi said.

He said the TMC tolabaz and syndicate are only for few days…parivartan is inevitable this time in Bengal.

The Prime Minister said in all these years, politics has been criminalised, corruption institutionalised, and administration and police politicised.

He said, “Now the planning is being done on how to malign India’s image. They attack tea workers to malign their image, but have you heard anything on this from Didi? The country will answer these conspiracies with full strength.”

The Prime Minister said money sent by Centre for cyclone relief misappropriated, farmers deprived of benefits under PM Kisan scheme. (the states. news)