PWD Executive Engineer removed over Jal Jeevan Mission work delays in Balrampur

Raipur (Thestates,news) | Public Health Engineering Department has removed Shri Aditya Pratap, Executive Engineer in charge of Balrampur block, from his duties due to unsatisfactory progress in the Jal Jeevan Mission works. This decision was made during a departmental review meeting, citing difficulties in meeting project deadlines and achieving desired outcomes within Balrampur district.

According to an official order issued by the Engineer-in-Chief of the Public Health Engineering Department, Shri Aditya Pratap has been immediately removed due to his inability to expedite the Jal Jeevan Mission works as required. The order states that during a state-level review meeting on June 20, it was noted that progress in Balrampur district under the mission was inadequate. This reflects adversely on departmental operations and has been attributed to the Executive Engineer’s lack of responsiveness in fulfilling his duties effectively.

In light of these developments, Shri Aditya Pratap has been directed to work in the Chief Engineer’s office in Bilaspur region until further notice. He has been replaced by Shri Sushil Kumar Sinha, who was serving as an Assistant Engineer in the office of the Superintending Engineer of Public Health Engineering Division in Ambikapur.