Sharad Pawar criticises PM Modi government over Manipur issue

Beed, (| Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) Chief Sharad Pawar said on Thursday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi does not understand the pain of the women of Manipur and so spoke on the issue only for 3-4 minutes in parliament. Addressing a ‘Swabhiman’ rally here for the first time after the revolt in his party led by his nephew Ajit Pawar, the veteran leader attacked the Modi Government, alleging that it was not serious about the Manipur issue.
Modi has completely failed to control the violence in Manipur, wheretwo communities are fighting.
“People are attacking each other, houses are being set on fire, people are being killed. Women are being made to walk naked on the streets openly. This is the worst case scenario,” he said.
Pawar said the PM should have gone there and gained the confidence of the people, but he did not do so.
He accused the BJP of overthrowing governments elected by the people.
“You announce a stable government and overthrow the governments of the opposition on the strength of having power at the centre. It is ruining the lives of the common people. People to whom we have given power do not behave properly,” he alleged.
‘The current government has nothing to do with the people’s issues. Agriculture has become unaffordable at present. Toilers, labourers are all in trouble and this central government is not concerned about it,” said.
Pawar was given a rousing welcome when he arrived here.(UNI)