Special camps to be organized at all polling stations on August 13 to facilitate the addition of names to the voter list

Special camps are also scheduled for the upcoming week on August 19-20

Claims and objections for name inclusion, deletion, and modification will be accepted until August 31

The final publication of the voter list is scheduled for October 4

Raipur ( The second special summary revision of the voter list, ahead of the upcoming Legislative Assembly Election 2023, is currently underway in Chhattisgarh. The preliminary publication of the voter list was done on August 2. The voter list is readily accessible on the Chief Electoral Officer’s official website,, and printed and soft copies are distributed to recognized political parties at the district level.

Following the preliminary publication of the voter list on August 2, the process of special summary revision has commenced. In accordance with the eligibility date of October 1, 2023, the process of obtaining Form-6 to add new names to the voter list has commenced. Besides, obtaining Form-7 for the deletion of names and Form-8 for any kind of modification or transfer have also begun and these applications will be accepted until August 31. As per the directions of the Election Commission of India, special camps are being organized for this purpose on August 12, 13, 19, and 20 across all 24,109 polling centers in the state.

Chhattisgarh Chief Electoral Officer, Smt. Reena Babasaheb Kangale, has stated that all Booth Level Officers and Designated Officers have been instructed to accept applications on the days of special camps
at all polling stations across the state. Given that most institutions are closed on Saturdays and Sundays, citizens wishing to add their names should visit their booth level officer during office hours and submit their applications with their assistance.

Smt. Kangale also emphasized that intensive programmes are being conducted in all districts and constituencies during the revision process to create a clean and error-free voter list. Efforts are being made to raise awareness among unemployed youth, citizens, and marginalized sections of society to encourage their participation in adding their names to the voter list.

She urged the citizens of the state to take full advantage of the online application facility, accessible through the Voter Helpline App or the Voter Service Portal For citizens unable to visit a booth for any reason, the option to fill out forms online is available through the Voter Helpline App and Voter Service Portal. The BLO app is being used by the block level officers to fill forms at polling centers. All received claims and objections will be verified by August 31, and the final publication of the voter list will be done on October 4. The final published voter list will not only be available on the website but will also be provided to representatives of recognized political parties at the district level in both hard and soft copies.