State Skills University should bring skill revolution in Maharashtra : Governor Ramesh Bais

 Mumbai (thestates.news)| Stating that India was a skill capital of the world till the mid 18th Century, Maharashtra Governor Ramesh Bais called for renewed efforts to make the nation the skill capital once again. In this connection, the Governor asked the newly created Maharashtra State Skills University to play a significant role in bringing a skill revolution in Maharashtra.

The Governor was speaking after performing the Bhumipujan of the Main Building of the newly created Maharashtra State Skills University and ITI in the campus of ITI in Panvel, dist Raigad on Mon (27 Mar).

Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, Minister of Skills, Tourism and Women & Child Development Mangal Prabhat Lodha, Guardian Minister of Raigad Uday Samant were present.

Stating that India has emerged as the youngest nation in the world with an average age of 29 years, Governor Bais said India will be called upon to meet the skill requirements of many of the ageing countries of the world by producing a large pool of skilled manpower.

Stating that the State Government has received assurances of large investments at the meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, the Governor said youths from the State should equip themselves with the right set of skills to secure the jobs that would be generated by the new investment.

Mentioning that tribals from the State have diverse sets of skills, the Governor asked the University to take initiative in providing necessary help to tribals for the branding, marketing and packaging of bamboo- and other forest based products. The Governor further asked the Skills University to design mid career skill upgradation programmes for the officials of government organisations and private sector.

He asked the vice chancellor to reach out to every village and city of Maharashtra and help in the economic upliftment of all people, including farmers.  

Speaking on the occasion, Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said that the world is keen on reducing its dependence on China by making India the factory of the world. He said in order to make Maharashtra a trillion dollar economy and manufacturing factory of the world, the State will have to produce a large pool of skilled manpower. In this connection, he asked the Skills University to produce skilled human resources required by the State.

Fadnavis said the Services sector in the country is expanding and that new opportunities are coming up in the sector. He expressed the need to create manpower for the Fintech and other segments of the services sector. Mentioning that Maharashtra is a home to 15000 startups in the country, he announced the creation of a Start up Hub in Navi Mumbai.

Minister of Skills, Tourism and Women and Child Development Mangal Prabhat Lodha assured that the new building of the Maharashtra State Skills University and ITI Panvel will be built before the start of the new academic year in July this year.

Guardian Minister of Raigad Uday Samant expressed the need for the Departments of Skills and Industry to work together. This, according to him, will help to create more jobs. He asked the State Skills University to open its sub centre in Ratnagiri and offer courses relating to Tourism. He appealed to the University to offer need-based courses that would help the University students and those of ITIs to find employment in Raigad district.

Principal Secretary Skill Development, Employment & Entrepreneurship Manisha Verma , Vice Chancellor of Skills University Dr. Apoorva Palkar, CEO of Maharashtra State Innovation Society Dr Ramaswamy N, Divisional Commissioner Mahendra Kalyankar, Raigad Collector Yogesh Mhase people’s representatives and invitees were present.