Sukma : Gauthans serving as a medium of employment for women

Group earning extra income from various livelihood oriented activities

Raipur ( |  Women are becoming financially independent by taking out time from household chores and by engaging themselves in activities conducted in Gauthans. Under the ambitious scheme of the Chhattisgarh government Narva, Garuva, Ghurva, and Badi Gauthans are developed and are serving as a medium in providing employment to rural women by  various livelihood activities. The women of the gauthan are involved in work such as Manufacturing Vermicompost, cow dung procurement, manufacturing bread-rusk, and vegetable cultivation. The Maa Kankalin group has earned an extra income of Rs 1 lakh 85 thousand by selling vermicompost while the Gendaful group has earned Rs 17 thousand by cultivating vegetables.

Similarly, the Vaishnav Devi group has sold bread, biscuits, rusk, and other products worth Rs 13, 300. Kusumlata, a member of the group, stated that selling manufactured bread, Rusk, and other products in the local market and shops has made them financially strong. She further added that the activities conducted in Gauthans help them in earning additional income. This has provided us a means of employment and has helped us in providing employment near our home.

Apart from this, training is  provided to the women of Vardan self help group for the production of button mushrooms by constructing a shed in Gauthan. The group will produce mushrooms soon after completing all preparations related to the production of button mushrooms. Earlier the group earned an income of about 40-45 thousand by producing oyster mushrooms. Under RIPA in Kukanar Gauthan, private entrepreneurs are encouraged to start their own businesses by building sheds. Likewise, Kaushalendra is also doing the work of manufacturing foils and bricks by setting up his own business, till now he has earned an income of about 40-45 thousand rupees from this business.