The colorful festival of Holi was quite special for women’s groups

  • Women of Bihan manufactured excellent herbal colors from flowers and leaves
  • Holi festival was celebrated in Chief Minister’s residence using Bihan herbal Gulal
  • Huge demand for Bihan Herbal Gulal’s unique herbal colors
  • Women belonging to groups earned Rs. 4 lakh 8 thousand
  • Lives of women belonging to groups are filled with the colors of happiness

Raipur (| This time, the colorful festival of Holi was quite special for the women’s groups. Their enthusiasm and happiness have doubled. The women belonging to these groups made unique herbal colors from flowers, leaves, and vegetables. The groups manufactured about 1 thousand 524 Kg. of herbal Gulal by joining the State Rural Livelihood Mission Bihan. So far, 1 thousand 451 Kg. of herbal Gulal has been sold in the district, from which women made a profit of Rs. 4 lakh 14 thousand. Holi was celebrated in the Chief Minister’s residence using the Bihan herbal Gulal manufactured in Rajnandgaon. The lives of the women belonging to the groups are now filled with the colors of happiness. Their economic condition has improved. Women of Bihan manufactured superior-quality yellow Gulal from marigold, orange Gulal from Palash, and green Gulal from spinach and Neem leaves. There was a huge demand for these colors in the market. The women of the group manufactured excellent colors from the flowers offered in temples. Bihan Herbal Gulal, thus manufactured, was sold in C-mart and local markets. Because of Bihan Herbal Gualal’s eco-friendliness, its demand rose in the market. Common people also purchased herbal Gulal because of the side effects of chemical colors. Under the guidance of the Collector Mr. Doman Singh, continuous work was done to promote the sale of herbal Gulal. The team of State Rural Livelihood Mission has done excellent work under the directions of District Panchayat CEO Mr. Amit Kumar.

Herbal Gulal was attractively packaged and branded. The women of the group packaged the Gulal themselves. On the occasion of Holi, attractively packaged and branded pure herbal Gulal was sold to Government officers, employees, industrial institutions, and rural areas. The women of the Gulab Evam Mala Ajivika Sankul Group in the Chhuriya Development Block manufactured 875 Kg. herbal Gulal, out of which 815 Kg. of Gulal was sold for Rs. 1 lakh 63 thousand. Similarly, women of Dongargadh Development Block’s Jai Seva Jai Budhadev Group manufactured 175 Kg. of herbal Gulal, the whole lot of which was sold for Rs. 36 thousand. Rajnandgaon Development Block’s Swardhara FPC Surgi Group manufactured 450 Kg. of herbal Gulal, out of which so far 437 Kg. has been sold for Rs. 2 lakh 5 thousand. The Khushi Utpadak Ganeri Group of Dongargaon Development Block manufactured 24 Kg. of herbal Gulal and sold the entire lot for Rs. 4 thousand 200.