The President of India Smt. Droupadi Murmu’s Address

Raipur ( |The President of India Smt. Droupadi Murmu’s Address

Message to students: Put forth your best efforts in the field of your interest with dedication and diligence; never get disappointed.

Jai Johar!

•    The Brahma Kumaris (BK) family is engaged in remarkable work for the betterment of all of mankind, and I extend my congratulations to them for their dedicated efforts. The programme for Positive Transformation (Sakaratmak Parivartan) was initiated in Odisha, and today, I stand among all of you.

•    I have had the privilege of being here before, and I extend my gratitude to all of you for inviting me once again. Chhattisgarhiya Sable Badhiya! (The people of Chhattisgarh are truly wonderful!)

•    On one hand, our nation is reaching new heights – India’s flag is on the moon, and we are achieving significant milestones on the global sports stage. Our fellow countrymen are continuously setting new records.

•    On the other hand, a deeply concerning issue has arisen. A few days ago, two students who were preparing for the NEET exam tragically ended their lives, thereby putting an abrupt stop to their aspirations, dreams, and potential. Such incidents must not occur. Instead, we must adopt a positive perspective towards competition, understanding that there will always be both victories and setbacks.

•    The pressure of competition on children. Their ability to face the challenges of life is equally important as their career choices.

•    I believe that through the guidance of this positive theme, we can provide assistance to those children who end their lives, living an incomplete life.

•    Every child possesses unique talents that can be nurtured. By identifying their interests, they can make strides in the right direction.

•    This era is marked by its scientific advancements. Today’s children exhibit sharp intellects, although they might have less patience. The members of our Brahma Kumaris family are working diligently for this cause for many years.

•    Throughout my spiritual journey, the Brahma Kumaris organization has offered me unwavering support. During challenging times in my life, I sought their guidance.

•    While their path is tough, it is through enduring hardships that we find our inner strength. Thus, embracing patience is crucial for leading a meaningful life.

•    It is through overcoming challenges that we attain success. I hold immense respect for the path the Brahma Kumaris follow. By embracing simplicity, one can significantly enhance the quality of life. They teach you the art of living.

•    Self-confidence serves as the foundation for discovering our true path. We are all people of the technological age.

•    While children may discuss artificial engineering, it is equally important to spend some time away from mobile devices.

•    By merging science and technology with spirituality, life can become more harmonious.

•    The path to a successful and joyful life is simple and straightforward.

•    We are not merely physical entities; we are souls. We are integral components of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. Patience leads to contentment; it may be challenging, but with practice, it becomes more attainable.

•    I wish to convey to everyone the importance of persistently engaging in positive endeavours aligned with your passions. Surround yourselves with individuals who can guide you along the right path.

•    The efforts of the Brahma Kumaris extend beyond the borders of India, including the pursuit of global peace. Their mission is to promote peace.

•    True success arises from determined efforts. They are making invaluable contributions to make world a better place.

•    I extend my heartfelt best wishes for the initiatives you have undertaken in Chhattisgarh.

•    To realize the dream of the ‘Golden Age’, ‘Ram Rajya’, we must embody the qualities of Ram and Sita.

•    This holds great significance for both our physical and mental well-being. Only the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris embody this essence.