Unveiling Barnawapara’s Newest Tourist Gems: A Museum, Library, and Luxurious Family Cottage

The number of tourists in Barnawapara is steadily rising

Raipur ( |  The number of tourists visiting the Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary in the Balodabazar district of Chhattisgarh is constantly on the rise, prompting the administration to introduce new facilities. As part of these efforts, a museum, library, and luxurious family cottages have been established, with three old cottages being renovated into elite accommodations featuring kitchens, two rooms, and space for two helpers, of which two cottages have been completed while the third is still under construction.

The museum provides information about the diverse wildlife found in Barnawapara, featuring live depictions of animals and birds, making it an interesting and educational attraction for children and tourists. Additionally, a Tourist Facilitation Center has been constructed near the main square to provide comprehensive information and assistance to visitors, while a library has been built for the benefit of local residents and tourists. During a visit to Barnawapara, Collector Mr. Chandan Kumar inspected the ongoing construction work and issued instructions to ensure timely completion.

Notably, Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary was designated as such in 1972 and spans an area of 245 square kilometers, deriving its name from the fusion of two forest villages, “Bar” and “Nawapara.” The sanctuary’s diverse wildlife, ranging from predatory animals to innocent rabbits, along with a variety of migratory birds, find temporary refuge here, attracting wildlife enthusiasts and adventure seekers. The sanctuary comprises plains and small plateau areas, where teak and other trees like Saja, Bija, Lendia, Haldu, Sarai, Dhaunra, Amla, Amaltas, and Karra flourish.

Notable wildlife species within the sanctuary include Tigers, Sloth Bears, Flying Squirrels, Jackals, Four-horned Antelopes, Leopards, Chinkara, Black Buck, Jungle Cat, Barking Deer, Porcupine, Monkey, Bison, Striped Hyena, Wild Dogs, Chital, Sambar, Nilgai, Gaur, Muntjac, Wild Boar, Cobra, and Python. The sanctuary also hosts a rich avian population, with 150 species of birds, including Parrots, Bulbul, White-rumped Vultures, Green Avadavat, Lesser Kestrels, Peafowl, Woodpeckers, Racket-tailed Drongos, Egrets, and Herons, making bird watching a popular activity in Barnawapara.