We have to manage educational institutions by leading self, systems, teamsand technology: Prof M.M. Goel

Raipur (thestates.news) | To equip ourselves with new age skills and knowledge, we are required to manage educational institutions by leading self, leading system, leading teams and leading technology,” opined former Vice-Chancellor Professor M.M. Goel, known as  Founder of Needonomics School of Thought and superannuated Professor from Kurukshetra University. He was speaking on ‘Innovative Solutions for Needo-education in Swarnim Bharat under NEP 2020’ at the Kalinga University here today.The lecture was organized by Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of Kalinga University. Dr Sandeep Gandhi, Registrar delivered a welcome address and presented a citation on the achievements of Prof. M.M. Goel.

We have to treat NEP 2020 as an invention and work without worries about it as an innovation which means the application of invention by accepting the challenges of all kinds including converting careless into careful and useless into useful, believes Prof. Goel.  We have to use online mode for international marketing of the Indian values as software power with alertness, awareness and awaking of the challenges, said Prof. Goel.

To solve the dichotomy between quality education and affordability & accessibility in Indian institutions, we require the NAW (need, affordability and worth) approach of marketing the educational product along with communication skills necessary for employability and entrepreneurship, explained NeedonomistGoel.

To build the narrative for Swarnim Bharat, we require street-smart teachers (simple, moral, action-oriented, responsive and transparent) with practical leadership qualities, told Goel. The fraternity of teachers deserves to be known as children of Saraswati in the knowledge economy of India where ‘Saraswati’ is equally if not more than ‘Lakshmi is worshipped, said Prof. Goel.

On this occasion., Mr. Anup Kumar Jana, IQAC coordinator acted as the master of the ceremony.Dr. VijayalaxmiBiradar, Director IQAC presented a memento on behalf of Kalinga University to Dr. M MGoel after the completion of the guest lecture. Finally, Mrs. Anu G Pillai, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering dept. delivered the vote of thanks.Faculty members from various departments attended the session.