When Chief Minister asked if there is any farmer whose loan has not been waived…

  • “One lakh twenty thousand, one lakh 40 thousand, 1 lakh 85 thousand, mine 2 lakh”, shouted farmers in the crowd
  • Chief Minister said-“my happiness lies in the prosperity of the farmer”

Raipur (| “One lakh twenty thousand, one lakh 40 thousand, 1 lakh 85 thousand, mine 2 lakh”, were the voices coming from the crowd. And any passerby who didn’t know what is happening would guess if there is some aution going on. But it was no auction, but the response of the farmers when Chief Minister asked them about the loan waiver they have received. On Wednesday, under Bhent-Mulaqat Abhiyan, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel visited Mangarelgarh village of Surguja district. While addressing the gathering on the occasion, Chief Minister asked the farmers if any of them has not received the benefit of loan waiver? Even before Chief Minister could complete his question, the farmers enthusiastically started telling the amount of their loans that have been waived off. Glad to observe the enthusiasm and happiness of the farmers, Chief Minister congratulated and clapped for them.
Farmer Ramkumar Gupta of Patela village told that his loan of Rs 2 lakh was waived off, which brought great relief to him and his family. Ramkumar told that after the loan waiver, he could buy a tractor which helped him do farming more effeciently and conveniently. This time he has sold 500 sacks of paddy and earned a good profit. Besides, now he is also spending more on his children’s education.