WHO warns epidemic of monkeypox

Geneva, (thestates.news): The World Health Organization has issued a stern warning that the whole world is facing a threat of an epidemic of monkeypox as the number of cases crossed 70,000. According to media reports, the cases of monkeypox are increasing continuously in the world. WHO head Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus issued a warning saying that the world may have to face difficulties due to monkeypox in the coming times. In the last week, cases of monkeypox have been seen increasing in 21 countries including some countries of the American continent. In the American continent, 90 percent of the total cases in the world have been found.

The WHO chief said that the time of decline in monkeypox cases could also prove to be the most dangerous. During this, extra care has to be taken. He said that the World Health Organization is working towards strengthening the surveillance system along with increasing the testing capacity of monkeypox in the world. He also expressed concern over the situation arising out of monkeypox in Sudan’s refugee camp near the Ethiopian border. (HS)