Women are walking the path of self-employment by cultivating chilli

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Alongside the cultivation of cashew, pear, litchi, and tea, farmers in Jashpur are also engaged in growing tomatoes in the Pathalgaon region and the farming of chillies and potatoes in large quantities. Women of the Ujala Self-Help Group in Village Panchayat Manora are cultivating chillies and marching towards self-reliance by following the path of self-employment. Through the cultivation of chilli, women are able to contribute financially to their families.

Jashpur district is considered to be a district endowed with natural beauty. The beautiful green trees, rivers, streams, mountains, and waterfalls in the district attract people from all over the state. The Jashpur district in the summer season becomes a beautiful holiday destination for people looking for natural beauty. Due to the greenery, the temperature is pleasant in the summer, with no excessive heat. The levelled areas are known for the production of green chillies, and chillies are cultivated on a large scale here. Chillies from Jashpur are sold in cities like Raipur, Bilaspur, Bhilai, and Durg. The chillies are also exported in large quantities to Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, and Delhi. The cultivation of chillies is making the farmers of Jashpur economically empowered. As a result, their living standards have improved significantly.

There is huge demand for the chillies produced by the women of Ujala Self-Help Group in Jashpur district in the local market and even outside the district. The women of the self-help group have sold 8 quintals of chillies so far, earning them an income of nearly Rs. 64 thousand.