Agriculture and Industry Minister inaugurated ‘Millet Cafe’ in Balrampur

Raipur (| Agriculture Minister Ravindra Choubey and Industries Minister Shri Kawasi Lakhma jointly inaugurated the Millet Café at the Balrampur district headquarters. On this occasion, the Industry Minister won the hearts of the people by preparing ragi dosa at Millet Cafe, as requested by the people. While speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Agriculture Minister Shri Ravindra Choubey stated that, in addition to taste, healthy millet will be given to Balrampur people. He praised the people on the establishment of the Surguja division’s first health market.    

 On this occasion, ministers Mr. Choubey and Mr. Lakhma enjoyed the meals provided at Millet Café. They also inaugurated the Suraji Gaon Yojana paint unit in Barkimahri in the district. This cow dung paint unit in Balrampur Urban Gauthan serves 30 women from three women’s self-help groups. This plant has a capacity of producing 800 liters of paint each day. Cow dung paint from the district’s first paint unit will be sold in the market under the brand names Green Earth and Green Foot Paint (ALF). The Millet Café has been called ‘Sehat Bazaar’ by the Balrampur District Administration in order to attract visitors and make them aware of millet. Minister Mr. Choubey commended the collector for this.