Announcements made by CM Bhupesh Baghel at the Aam Sabha, Chhindgarh, Sukma

Raipur, (| 1. Construction of a Rest House in Chhindgarh

2. Construction of a 30-bed hospital in Talnar as a part of the expansion of healthcare services

3. New bridge to be built on Pordem Road for public convenience.

4. Construction of a bridge between Mankapal and Puser Road on Malger river

5. Construction of a bridge between Hamirgarh and Litiras on Baru river

6. Paddy procurement centers to be established in Sukma district’s Mankapal, Kistaram, Jagargunda, and Bastar district’s Potanar, Dhuragaon, and Gumadpal

7. Construction of a bridge between Rokel and Pedaras on Baru River

8. Construction of a culvert in Rewari stream located on Kerlapal to Ponga Bhejji road.