Another whimsical demonetisation drama of Rs 2000 notes to hit common people hard

Kolkata, (|As the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) notified to withdraw Rs 2,000 denomination bank notes from circulation, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Saturday took a dig at the BJP-led Government at the Centre, saying, ‘ Another whimsical and Tughlaqi demonetisation drama of Rs 2000 notes will hit the common people hard once again by subjecting them to massive harassment. ‘

‘ These imperious measures are meant to camouflage the fundamentally anti-people and crony capitalist nature of this regime, ‘ Banerjee stated on her social network. Asserting that such ‘misadventures by an oligarchic and authoritarian’ government will not be forgotten by the people at large at the time of reckoning, the Chief Minister on Friday said, ‘ The suffering we have endured due to demonetisation can’t be forgotten and those who inflicted that suffering shouldn’t be forgiven. ‘ ‘ So it wasn’t ₹2000 dhamaka but a billion dollar dhoka to a billion Indians, ‘ she said adding, ‘ Wake up my dear brothers and sisters. ‘(UNI)