Artists have significantly contributed to honoring Chhattisgarhi culture: CM Bhupesh Baghel  

CM conducted Bhent Mulakat with the artists of Chhattisgarh

Raipur ( |Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel interacted with the artists of Chhattisgarh today during his Bhent Mulakat program. He discussed various issues in the program with Padma Shri award winners, state award winners, folk artists, film artists, technicians, and producer-directors.
Congratulating everyone and expressing his best wishes for Hareli Tihar, Chief Minister Mr. Baghel said that eminent artists are present here today, and I welcome all of you. As I have come here, I will get a selfie clicked with all of you. Artists have significantly contributed to preserving and beautifying the cultural and traditional heritage of Chhattisgarh.
The Chief Minister paid tribute to the late Mr. Habib Tanvir. He also remembered the founder of Chandaini Gonda, the late Mr. Khuman Sav, and appreciated his incomparable contribution. He said that Chhattisgarh received special recognition through folk art. The Director of Culture Department Vivek Acharya, Padma Shri Bharti Bandhu, Padma Shri Madan Chauhan, Padma Shri Usha Barle, Producer-Director Manoj Verma, Satish Jain, Rajni Rajak and artists from all over the state were present on the occasion.
The Chief Minister further said during the program that when the artists give their presentations, they underline the sentiments of society and give expression to them through their performances. He said that many folk art styles are prevalent, and artists have invented new styles in many genres. Pandwani is only sung in Chhattisgarh in the whole country. Artists of Chhattisgarh have bestowed international recognition on genres like Bharthari and Panthi.
The Chief Minister said that the artists have helped popularize Chhattisgarh’s cuisine, dialect, music, songs, and dance styles from north to south and east to west. There was a time when Nacha was performed by burning torches. Then came the era of mike set. He said that the National Ramayana Competition was organized in Raigarh, and the government is committed to developing the Ram Van Gaman Tourism Circuit. He reiterated the point of constructing a model Jaitkhamb in every development block headquarters in the state.
The Chief Minister also narrated his experiences related to his childhood in the program. He said that his childhood was associated with artists, and folk art influenced his life. Earlier, when Chhattisgarh was mentioned, there used to be discussions of Naxal incidents and the martyrdom of soldiers. Now the culture and traditions of the state have emerged as a prominent topic of discussion.
The Chief Minister said that we have launched schemes while keeping in mind the people belonging to every class, and I’m happy that artists are also getting their benefits. People of all categories are participating enthusiastically in the Chhattisgarhi Olympics. We have declared ‘Arpa Pari ke Dhar’ as the state anthem. We have declared holidays on Teej-Tihar so that everyone can celebrate these festivals.
The Chief Minister said that the joy of Teej-Tihar is doubled if one has money in their pocket. We have given loans to the farmers and are allocating money under various schemes from time to time. Earlier, people used to hesitate about eating Bore Basi, but now, after the declaration of Labor Day as Bore Basi Day on May 1, everyone not only relishes the dish but also uploads photos on social media.