Bengal only state where political violence propagated : Amit Shah

Kolkata, ( Launching a scathing attack on Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for “playing political games” over the rights of the poor, Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday said, ” West Bengal is the only state where political violence is propagated. “
Addressing the virtual rally, histhird event in the past three days, Mr Shah said, ” While democracy has strengthened its roots and been consolidated in the entire country, West Bengal remains the only state where political violence is propagated. “
BJP will never forget the sacrifice of workers, ” he said and promised to return the pristine glory of the state.
“Bengal is the only state where communal violence is still ongoing. It should stop. I assure you that BJP isn’t here just to bring a revolution or do politics, but also build a cultural and traditional Bengal again. We want to create ‘Sonar Bangla‘ again,” he said.
He accused the Chief Minister of insulting migrant workers.
” You’ve rubbed salt into their wounds and they will not forget it. Mamata ji, you referred to Shramik Special Trains as ‘Corona Express’. The name that you have given, ‘Corona Express’ will become an exit express for the TMC in the state, ” Mr Shah averred.
Dwelling on the measures taken by the Narendra Modi government for
the welfare of the poor, Mr Shah blasted Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for not
allowing the implementation of ‘Ayushman Bharat’ scheme.
“Do the poor
people of Bengal have no right to receive free and quality treatment?
Why then you won’t allow the Ayushman Bharat scheme here. Mamata
ji, stop doing politics on the rights of poor people. You can do
politics on a lot of other issues, but not on poors’ health,” he averred.
On Ms Banerjee’s opposition to the Citizensip Act, Mr Shah said
the Chief Minister should come clean why she is opposing the law.
“It will
cost you dearly. What is your problem if Namshudras and other such
communities live respectfully in the country? People of Bengal are
asking you this question as well. You will have to answer,” the former
BJP president said.
Mr Shah Charged Ms Banerjee with blocking the Central schemes for farmers in Bengal.
He also accused Ms Banerjee of not providing the Centre with
the list of West Bengal farmers to deposit Rs 6,000 into their bank

“I am requesting Mamata Ji again – if you send us the list
of farmers, we will send them Rs 6,000 each. Why are you stopping your
farmers from receiving help from the government?” he questioned.
Stating that the Modi Government has deposited Rs 72,000 Cr into the bank accounts of 9.5 cr farmers, Mr Shah
said, “Every year the government is providing them with Rs
6000. “
Speaking on Covid-19, Mr Shah said, ” The Government is fighting COVID with support of 130 crore Indians. “
Speaking about the popularity of Mr Modi, he said, “After Shashtri
Ji, I’ve witnessed a PM for the first time with such effect that saw
130 crore Indians stay indoors while exercising self-discipline at his
He said, ” Mr Modi has prepared the nation in such a way
that today, against the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, the Government is fighting and ably supported by 130 crore Indians. “
Stating that opposing CAA will cost Ms Banerjee dearly, Mr Shah said, ” Mamata Banerjee needs to come clean on why she is opposing the CAA.
Mr Shah said, ” Ms Banerjee keeps asking for the account of the Modi Government’s work. I have come here with all the detais. “
” She (Mamata) should address a press conference and present the
account of her government’s ten years works, ” he said.

On Article 370 abrogation, Mr Shah said, ” It’s a matter of pride for us that the first President of our party Dr Shyama Prasad Mookherji was from
Bengal and gave his life for the unification of the country. Today,
Article 370 stands abrogated and JammuKashmir have been mainstreamed with the rest of the country. “(uni) (