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Bhent-Mulakat with Youth : Once upon a time, when Late Ajit Jogi was the Collector and Bhupesh Baghel was a student

Bhent-Mulakat with Youth : Bahtarai Stadium, Bilaspur District

  • Darshni Ratrey, a final-year student at Hasaud College of Shakti said, “I am a college student, and in everyone’s college life, there is some story or the other. So, I want to ask the Chief Minister about a story related to his college life.”

Raipur ( |Chief Minister shared, “We studied mathematics at Science College. Once, there were no fans in the hostel, and we demanded that fans be installed in all three hostels. Ajit Jogi Ji was the Collector at that time, and he came and listened to our request. Within 8 days, our demand was fulfilled.”

Bhent-Mulakat with Youth: Bahtarai Stadium, Bilaspur District

  • Youth Bharti Devangan from Janjgir-Champa district said, “I am a final year student of B.Sc. She informed Chief Minister that he has taken important steps for the education of girl students. She mentioned that Girls College in Janjgir is the only college, and there is a shortage of rooms there.

Chief Minister took note of the number of students and the information about the shortage of rooms and instructed the Collector to construct four more rooms. Along with this, the Chief Minister also announced that the sessions for Physics and Zoology will start soon.”