Book on PM Modi’s foreign tours launched

New Delhi, (the states. news) The Press Club of India(PCI) on Friday played host to the launch of the coffee table book ‘Modi India Calling-2021’ which chronicles Prime Minister’s official trips abroad.

The professional art work, designing and printing of the book is done by Maneesh Media led by it’s Chairman Chandmal Kumawat and it is conceptualized in association with the ‘Delhi Study Group’.

Addressing the press at the event, Delhi BJP President Adesh Gupta described the book as a celebration of India’s foreign policy under Mr Modi. He felt that under PM Modi’s leadership the country’s foreign policy has under gone a sea change.

“When Mr Modi assumed the position of PM in 2014, critics expressed apprehension about his understanding of international affairs but his excellent foreign policy meant that India’s international profile has gone up significantly. Before 2014, Pakistan based terrorists would carry out attacks here, all we would do is to send dossiers to them, now we are not giving them ‘dossiers’ but giving them ‘dose’ and this has been a watershed point of our foreign policy. Such a realistic approach and decisive leadership has infused new energy into our Foreign Policy and it has given new hope and self confidence to the people of the country.”

BJP leader and President of ‘Delhi Study Group’ Dr Vijay Jolly who is the main person behind the conceptualization of the book explained how the idea for the book came about “Way back in 2002 we at the Delhi Study Group had organized a four day photo exhibition on the life and times of the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, we were planning a similar exhibition to be organized on the life and times of Modi ji, however our plans were hampered by the pandemic hence we had to postpone those plans. So I came up the idea of having a book on Mr Modi instead, Mr Kumawat of Maneesh Media echoed my sentiments and it was decided that we would come up with a coffee table book, the book took eight months to complete.”

Dr Jolly said that selecting a few photos from a plethora of photos was a herculean task and elaborated the content of the book “The book is aesthetically rich and the criteria is both PM centric and country centric ie country of his visit, it highlights the host country’s leadership- both the incumbent and the opposition leaders as well, the local business tycoons, the Indian diaspora, the local culture, historic bilateral and multilateral summits and more.”

On the question of ‘Pravasi Bharat Divas’ which would be observed on January 9, he noted the contribution of Indian expatriates and People of Indian Origin saying that these people form one of the largest sources of Foreign Direct Investment into India. (uni) (media