BREAKING NEWS: 33 new corona patients found in Chhattisgarh, 23 new cases were reported in the same district

Raipur ( The number of corona patients in Chhattisgarh is increasing rapidly. Today 22 new corona patients have been identified from the same district. According to Health Department data, 23 new corona positive cases have come to Balodabazar alone. The state has the record of getting the most cases on a single day so far. There is a five-year-old child in Balodabazar, while a 12-year-old girl has also been found infected.

At the same time 8 new corona patients have been found in Korea and 1 in Bilaspur and 1 in Balrampur. At the same time, reports of 2 other laborers have also come up in other districts. Some of these laborers are migrant laborers, while some are living. These include a regional officer of the Health Department of Dhara Shiva. All these people were in quarantine center, only one patient was home quarantine in Bhatapara. Action is being taken to take all the patients to Raipur. The number of infected patients has now gone up to 594 and active cases to 461 in the state.