Chhattisgarh Government to launch extensive anti-drug public awareness campaign, following Chief Minister’s directive

  • Meeting to discuss amendments and refine the draft action plan for the campaign concluded today
  • Voluntary organizations, social, cultural and religious institutions to assist in promoting a drug-free lifestyle
  • High school and college students prioritized for this campaign

Raipur (thestates.news) |The Chhattisgarh government is gearing up to launch an extensive public awareness campaign to tackle the pressing issue of drug abuse, as per the directions of Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel. The Department of Social Welfare is actively preparing for this initiative, having already drafted an action plan for this campaign. A meeting was organized today to discuss amendments and provide suggestions to further refine the draft action plan.

During the meeting, significant emphasis was placed on fostering coordination among various entities, including government organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), voluntary groups, religious institutions, and social organizations, in order to garner their support. The meeting also discussed the importance of conducting the campaign while respecting and preserving tribal traditional culture within schools, colleges, and para-mohallas. The core objective of launching this campaign is to safeguard society from the harmful effects of addiction, prevent the youth from destroying their future, and harness their full potential for nation-building.

The awareness campaign will encompass a range of programmes including seminars, writing competitions, poetry recitals, speeches, and other competitions, specifically targeting students in higher secondary schools, colleges, and universities. Shri Pankaj Verma, Additional Director of the Department of Social Welfare, attended the meeting along with other department officials and representatives from voluntary organizations.

Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel’s call to launch an extensive awareness campaign against drug abuse in Chhattisgarh highlights the seriousness of the problem. He has emphasized the importance of developing a detailed action plan for this campaign through consultations with prominent people and organizations actively involved in drug de-addiction efforts nationwide.  The Department of Social Welfare has already prepared an extensive action plan, which was thoroughly discussed during the meeting to gather valuable input and suggestions.

Representatives present at the meeting emphasized that drug abuse is a serious social problem, significantly impacting human lives and leading to severe health issues and premature death. Addictive substances including marijuana, bhang, tobacco, alcohol, gutka, smoking, heroin, opium, smack, cocaine, and brown sugar are commonly consumed. Addressing this issue necessitates joint efforts from the government and active participation from the public. Connecting with the public and reaching every individual is crucial for the success of the campaign. The rising trend of drug abuse among the younger generation remains a matter of grave concern.