‘Chhattisgarh Rural Livelihood Summit 2023’: Experts discuss topics for empowering women, farmers, and enhancing sustainable livelihoods

Raipur ( |The HDFC Bank’s ‘PARIVARTAN Program’ organised the ‘Chhattisgarh Rural Livelihoods Summit 2023,’ with the support of Chhattisgarh’s Agriculture Department, Grant Thornton Bharat LLP and the Society for Development Alternatives in Raipur on July 25. The summit aimed to foster knowledge sharing among stakeholders promoting rural livelihoods, focusing on farmer-producer organisations (FPOs) and sustainable government initiatives. It also emphasised creating a conducive environment for women’s livelihood development and enhancing FPOs’ sustainability.

The summit witnessed insightful discussions from speakers and experts who shared their experiences in the FPO ecosystem across states like Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Punjab, Maharashtra, and Telangana. It served as a platform for stakeholders to voice their perspectives on relevant issues and suggest policies. HDFC Bank’s CSR initiative, the ‘PARIVARTAN Program,’ played a pivotal role in enhancing livelihoods nationwide by empowering farmers, women, and youth through on-farm, off-farm, and non-farm interventions. The program aims to uplift over 5 lakh farmers’ income and upskill more than 2 lakh youth, women, and farmers, while also supporting individual and group enterprises in rural areas. FPO directors, public and private stakeholders, and department officials attended the summit. Successful FPOs hailing from within and outside the state shared their experiences.

Advisor to the Chief Minister Mr. Pradeep Sharma, Principal Secretary of Agriculture Department Dr. Kamalpreet Singh, Special Secretary of Finance Department Mrs. Sheetal Verma, State Mission Director of CGSRLM (BIHAN) Mrs. Padmini Bhoi Sahu, Partners of Grant Thornton India Professor V. Padyanand, Mr. Tarun Baijnath, and Mr. Chirag Jain, Director of Grant Thornton India Mr. Dev Kumar, and other officers and employees were present.