Chhattisgarh’s Epic Extravaganza ‘National Ramayana Festival’ Goes Global: International Ramayana troupes Steal the Show

Raipur ( |  Chhattisgarh has transformed into a divine realm, resonating with the spirit of Lord Shri Ram, as the magnificent ‘National Ramayana Festival’ kicked off in Raigarh, the cultural capital of the state. The air is filled with an aura of devotion and reverence, as the state eagerly welcomes devotees and artists from across the nation and abroad to celebrate the epic saga of Ramayana. The three-day event will conclude on June 3.

The festival has become an international attraction with Ramayana Mandlis from abroad captivating the audiences with their enchanting performance. Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel said “For the first time in the country, a national-level Ramayana Festival is being organized in Chhattisgarh. This prestigious event aims to promote the teachings and ideals of Lord Shri Ram’s exemplary character. While it is a national event, foreign delegations from countries like Cambodia and Indonesia are also participating, elevating it to an international festival.”