Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel had a courtesy meeting with the delegation of Tehsil Sahu Sangh Patan

Raipur (| The delegation of Tehsil Sahu Sangh Patan paid a courtesy visit to Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel in his residential office yesterday. They invited the Chief Minister to attend as a Chief Guest on the occasion of Bhakt Mata Karma Jayanti and group marriage to be held on 22 April in Gatapara village in Patan. The Chief Minister thanked the delegation for the invitation.
On this occasion, the Chairman of Tehsil Sahu Sangh Patan Mr. Dinesh Sahu, Vice Chairman Mr. Gulab Sahu, Executive Chairman Mr. Laleshawar Sahu, Mr. Kishan Sahu, Mr. Gangadeen Sahu, Mr. Mahendra Sahu, Mr. Dhanraj Sahu, Mr. Tesram Sahu, Mr. Suresh Sahu, Mr. Vimal Sahu, Ms. Jayanti Sahu, Mr. Gajendra Sahu, Mr. Horilal Sahu, and Mr. Boniram Sahu were present.