Chief Minister conveyed his delight upon viewing the Mahamaya Airport runway

Plans to apply for a license right after DGCA team’s inspection

Plans to present a proposal before the Ministry of Aviation to start flights from Banaras, Delhi, and Raipur

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel visited the Mahamaya Airport in Ambikapur today. He viewed the runway and praised the officials for getting good-quality work completed within the deadline. The Chief Minister said on this occasion that discussions for developing Mahamaya Airport in Surguja were being held at the state and national level. He said that he used to discuss this topic with the Health Minister Mr. T.S. Singh Deo and Food Minister Mr. Amarjeet Bhagat as well. Additionally, they were in continous contact with the Ministry of Aviation.

Today, the airport has the capacity to land big airplanes too. This has been possible through an 1800 m. air strip constructed at Rs. 48 crores. This entire area is spread across 374 acres of land and the officers have been instructed to prepare an action plan for further development of the airport so that a higher number of bigger airplanes can land here. Chief Minister said that the DGCA team will visit the airport for inspection after 3 days and they will apply for a license right after. Normally, a license is issued within 25 days of the application. He said that they will offer the suggestion of starting flights from Ambikapur to Delhi, Banaras, and Raipur to the Aviation Ministry.

The approval of the suggestion will create better possibilities of development in the tourism sector in this area. The 3-day Banaras 3-day Delhi flights will make the beauty of Surguja easily accessible through aviation. The beauty of Surguja is remarkable and with the new aviation facility, tourists from all over the country will enjoy the beautiful views of the hills and forests of Surguja, including Mainpat  and the hills of Ramgarh. Additionally, they can also enjoy the hot water sources in Tatapani. This way, Surguja will soon establish itself as a major tourism center in Chhattisgarh.

The Chief Minister said that the Surguja airport is amongst the oldest airports of the country. A WBM airport was constructed here after the nation’s independence in 1950. Indira Ji had visited the airport in 1974. Now when the airport has been developed, private airplanes can also land here and with the landing of big airplanes, be rapid development in the tourism sector of Surguja is expected. Chief Minister said that the best time to visit Sarguja is October-November and with the launching of aviation facilities, tourists on a large scale will visit this place during that time. The Chief Minister said that it will also enable tourists to contemplate the Ram Van Gaman Tourism Circuit and the heavenly views of Surguja.