Chief Minister extended his best wishes of Chetri Chandra to the state’s residents

Raipur ( | Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel paid a floral tribute to Lord Jhulelal Ji on the occasion of his anniversary at his residential office today. He extended his best wishes of Chetri Chandra (Cheti Chand) to all the state’s residents, especially people belonging to the Sindhi community. He prayed for the happiness and prosperity of all citizens on this occasion. The Chief Minister said that Chetri Chandra (Cheti Chand) is quite a significant festival for the Sindhi community. On this day, the anniversary of Jhulelal Ji, the main deity of the Sindhi community, is celebrated. The people of the Sindhi community also celebrate this day as the beginning of their new year. It is noteworthy that Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel while honoring the faith and traditions of the Sindhi community, has declared a holiday this year on the occasion of the Chetri Chandra (Cheti Chand) Festival in the municipal corporation and municipal areas of the state.