Chief Minister’s announcement: Sindhi Panchayat will be allotted land for social work in Nava Raipur

Chief Minister welcomed the Shobha Yatra of Lord Shri Jhulelal  ji by showering flowers

Raipur ( | Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel attended the Chetri Chandra program organized by Sindhi Samaj at Jaistambh Chowk in the state capital. On this occasion, he greeted the Shobha Yatra led by the Sindhi society of Lord Shri Jhulelal ji with flowers and wished the residents of the state happiness and prosperity. On this occasion, the Chief Minister announced that Sindhi Panchayat would be allotted land in Nava Raipur Atal Nagar for social work.

During his address on the occasion, Chief Minister Mr. Baghel stated that Saint Jhulelal is known as the incarnation of Varun Dev. Varun Dev is the god of water, and life cannot exist without it. In this way, Lord Jhulelal is the basis of the whole life. He stated that Sindhi society is a society of traders and businessmen. Clearly, society has benefited from the government’s public assistance programs. There has been progress in the trade business of the state and there has been brightness in the life of the society. As a result of this, a different enthusiasm can be seen during Chetri Chandra festival, which is commendable.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said that we have announced a general holiday on the day of Chetri Chandra festival in the Municipal Corporation and Municipality areas of the state. This was being demanded by the Sindhi community for a long time. This announcement was made respecting their views.  On this occasion, Chief Minister Mr. Baghel was also honored by presenting a symbol on behalf of the society. Chairman of Chhattisgarh Housing Board Mr. Kuldeep Juneja, MLA Mr. Brijmohan Agrawal, Mayor of Raipur Municipal Corporation Aijaz Dhebar, President of Chhattisgarh Sindhi Academy Ramgidlani, Amar Gidwani, Srichand Sundarani, Anand Kukreja, Ajit Kukreja along with a large number of people of Sindhi community were also present.