Child Cancer Patients visit Raj Bhavan; meet Governor

Mumbai (thestates.news) | Maharashtra Governor Ramesh Bais interacted with child cancer patients undergoing treatment at the Tata Memorial Hospital at Raj Bhavan Mumbai.  The Governor witnessed a Magic Show with the children and distributed gifts.  The Governor announced a donation of Rs.5 lakh to the organisations providing support to the cancer affected children and their parents.  The children later visited the Raj Bhavan.
The visit of the cancer affected paediatric patients to Raj Bhavan was organised by the Impacct Foundation of the Tata Memorial Centre in association with Krish Foundation.  
Shalini Jatia, Chief Officer of the Impacct Foundation of TMC, Navin Shetty, Founder of the Krish Foundation, Vandana Shetty, President of the Foundation, Dr Venkata Rama Mohan, Paediatric Oncologist were present.