China has taken grazing land in Ladakh: Rahul Gandhi

Srinagar, (| Congress leader Rahul Gandhi claimed on Sunday that China has taken away grazing land in Ladakh. Talking to the media in Ladakh, he said the people of Ladakh say that China has entered Indian land and captured the grazing area. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi reached Ladakh on Saturday on a two-day visit ahead of the polls for the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council-Kargil (LAHDC-Kargil). He said the people were not able to go to the places where they were taking their animals for grazing now as these have been captured by China.

‘People here clearly have said that China’s army has entered the area and their grazing land was taken away, but the PM said not an inch of land was taken away, but this is not true, you can ask anyone here”, Rahul said. “There were so many complaints from the people of Ladakh, they are not happy with the status that has been given to them, they want representation; and there is a problem of unemployment. “People are saying that the state should not be run by bureaucracy but by the voice of the people”, he added.

He said he could not make it to Ladakh during his ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ due to logistical problems, and I had decided to visit Ladakh to get feedback in detail from the people. That is why I came to Pangong and visited Nobra Valley, and I will also pay a visit to Kargil to hear what else is in the hearts of the people. (UNI)