CM Bhupesh Baghel disbursed an amount of Rs 18.47 crore to the beneficiaries of Godhan NYAY Yojana

Raipur ( | Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel disbursed an amount of Rs 18.47 crore to the beneficiaries of Godhan NYAY Yojana. This includes payment of Rs 5.05 crore to cattle herders, farmers, and landless individuals in lieu of 2.52 lakh quintals of cow dung procured during the period of June 15 to June 30. Additionally, a sum of Rs 7.79 crore has been disbursed to the Gauthan Committees, while women’s groups received Rs 5.53 crore as dividends. A total payment of Rs 507.14 crore has been made to the beneficiaries of the Godhan NYAY Yojana thus far.

This includes payment of Rs 247.12 crore to the cow dung sellers and Rs 244.95 crore made to the Gauthan Committees and women self-help groups. Since July 20, 2020, cow dung is being procured at a rate of Rs 2 per Kg under the Godhan NYAY Yojana in Chhattisgarh. A total of 123.56 lakh quintals of cow dung is purchased in Gauthans until June 30 this year. Women self-help groups have earned a total income of Rs 158.42 crore so far from livelihood activities conducted in Gauthans. As many as 17,486 women self-help groups, with a total membership of 2,05,817, are associated with Gauthans across the state.

The cow dung procured in Gauthans is being utilized for the production of electricity, natural paint, and other materials. Furthermore, women groups in Gauthans are engaged in various income-generating activities including vegetable and mushroom cultivation, poultry, fish and goat farming, and animal husbandry. To date, self-supporting Gauthans in the state have purchased cow dung worth Rs 64.61 crore from their own resources.

Out of the Rs 5.05 crore released today for the purchase of cow dung, the self-supporting Gauthans have contributed Rs 2.92 crore, and the Agriculture Department has contributed Rs 2.13 crore. A total of 5419 Gauthans are purchasing more than 30 quintals of cow dung.