CM Bhupesh Baghel launches Doctor Tumcho Dwaar initiative

Initiative connects remote villages to quality healthcare through telemedicine

Doctors just a phone call away in remote villages of Baderajpur and Farasgaon

Raipur ( |  Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel on Tuesday launched the Kondagaon district administration’s new initiative “Doctor Tumcho Dwaar”, in a programme held in Bedma village of Keshkal Development Block.

This pilot project aims to provide medical facilities through telemedicine in remote villages of the Baderajpur and Farasgaon development blocks, where accessibility is a challenge. A dedicated 24-hour call centre will be established to provide comprehensive support for this initiative. Whenever a call is received at the call centre, a team consisting of doctors, ANMs, and other staff members will be promptly informed. Doctors will offer teleconsultations and guidance, engaging in discussions with patients and their families regarding their health concerns. In the case of critically ill patients who require immediate treatment, doctors and their teams will visit their homes with a well-equipped vehicle to provide necessary medical care.

The Chief Minister’s Haat Bazaar Clinic scheme, designed to offer healthcare services in remote areas of the district, is being successfully implemented in the district. In line with this, the “Doctor Tumcho Dwaar” initiative has been launched to provide accessible healthcare facilities in villages with limited accessibility and extend medical services to a broader population through telemedicine. With the scheme’s success, its implementation will be expanded to other development blocks as well. This initiative stands as an example of the government’s commitment to ensuring equal justice and equal access to facilities for all citizens.