CM inaugurated ‘Hamar Sughar Laika Abhiyan’ in Durg District

This innovative campaign focuses on using appetite tests to manage children’s growth

Raipur (thestates.news) |Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel inaugurated the “Hamar Sughar Laika Abhiyan” (Our Healthy Child Campaign) at the “Bharose Ka Sammelan” held in Sankra of Durg district on Sunday.

During the event, a child named Dharam had his weight measured in front of the Chief Minister at the Women and Child Development stall, and it was recorded as 10.8 kilograms. Chief Minister Shri Baghel gathered information about the child’s health from the officials present and praised them upon learning that the child was healthy. Seven months ago, the same child hailing from Amleshwar, fell into the severe malnutrition category. Women and Child Development officials conducted screenings and provided continuous health-related information to the family based on appetite tests. They also offered necessary guidance, as suggested by doctors, to address the identified deficiencies. Additionally, the child received benefits of ‘Mukhyamantri Suposhan Abhiyan’.  As a result, the child became malnutrition-free within 7 months.

According to the district officials, the objective of the “Hamar Sughar Laika Abhiyan” is to promptly bring 1800 malnourished children identified in the district survey into the well-nourished category. This district-level programme is the first of its kind in the state. The campaign focuses on managing children’s growth through appetite tests. ANM and Anganwadi workers will conduct appetite tests for children at risk of malnutrition during their home visits. Health camps will also be organized for screening children. Subsequently, families of children classified as malnourished will be educated about a healthy nutritious diet. The campaign aims to establish coordination with these families and provide them with continuous training and guidance until the child’s condition improves.