CM relished Bore-Basi with thousands of manual workers in the honour of workers

Raipur ( | Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel partook Bore-Basi with thousands of workers from all over the state in honour of manual workers on the occasion of Labour Day. During the group lunch of Bore-Basi Tihar organized in Raipur’s Science College Ground, the Chief Minister partook Bore Basi while sitting on the ground along with Athan, Chutney, Bhaji, Badi-Bijauri, and Gondli and celebrated Labour Day.

On this occasion, the Chief Minister said that Bore-Basi is a significant part of the culture of Chhattisgarhiya workers, and Bore-Basi Tihar is celebrated to express gratitude for the contribution of manual workers. Bore-Basi is not only the favourite food of workers but is also an important part of their lives. He added that the contribution of manual workers in the development of Chhattisgarh is priceless. Because of their efforts, we are rapidly progressing towards creating a new Chhattisgarh.