CM Shri Sai shares his childhood passion for cricket with Shri Ganguly, says he used to make his own bat from wood

Shri Sourav Ganguly’s first visit to Chhattisgarh: Impressed by Nava Raipur Cricket Stadium

Former Indian Captain Shri Ganguly presents autographed bat to Chief Minister

Raipur ( | Former Indian cricket team captain and ex-president of BCCI, Shri Sourav Ganguly, on Wednesday, paid a courtesy visit to Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Shri Vishnu Deo Sai, extending warm New Year wishes.

During formal discussions on cricket, Chhattisgarh, and various topics, Shri Ganguly inquired about the Chief Minister’s interest in cricket. In response, the Chief Minister shared his childhood experiences of making his own cricket bats in the village using wood. He further stated that hockey holds a prominent place in Jashpur, and the Pahadi Korwa tribe’s proficiency in archery contributes to its popularity in the region.

Shri Ganguly stated that this is his first-time visit to Chhattisgarh and praised the Nava Raipur stadium, acknowledging its history of hosting international matches, including games featuring cricket legend Shri Sachin Tendulkar. The conversation shifted to Kolkata, with Shri Ganguly asking if the Chief Minister had visited the city. Chief Minister replied that he had frequent visits to the place during his tenure as the Union Minister of State for Steel.

Shri Ganguly inquired about Chhattisgarh, to which the Chief Minister responded that the state is blessed with natural scenic beauty and abundant forest resources and minerals. Chief Minister presented Shri Ganguly with a bell metal souvenir of the state animal, the wild buffalo, along with a shawl. Shri Ganguly presented Chief Minister with an autographed cricket bat.

Finance Minister Shri OP Choudhary, MLA Shri Sampat Agrawal, and Chief Minister’s Secretary Dr P. Dayanand were also present on the occasion. MLA Shri Agrawal offered Prasad and Lord Jagannath portraits from Jagannath Puri to both the Chief Minister and Shri Ganguly.

Did Modi ji take a photograph of the tiger here?

Shri Ganguly inquired if Kanha is also located in Chhattisgarh. Chief Minister clarified that Kanha is in Madhya Pradesh, and mentioned the establishment of Jungle Safari in Raipur, visited by Prime Minister Modi ji. Shri Ganguly recalled seeing a photograph of Modi ji taking a tiger’s photo and asked if it was from here, to which the Chief Minister responded with a yes!

Famous scented rice of Chhattisgarh sent as an offering to Lord Shri Ram

Chief Minister Shri Sai informed Shri Ganguly that 3000 quintals of fragrant rice from Chhattisgarh were sent as an offering for the Shri Ram Lalla Pran Pratishtha programme in the newly constructed Shri Ram temple in Ayodhya. He also shared that the Chhattisgarh Government decided to provide free Ayodhya darshan to the state’s citizens under the Ramlalla Darshan Scheme.

Shri OP Choudhary praises Shri Ganguly’s thrilling offside shots

During their conversation, Finance Minister Shri OP Choudhary complimented Shri Ganguly, saying, “Your offside shots used to thrill us all when you were in the crease.”