Congress is defeated, wants to win elections on the basis of money and power: Brijmohan

Khairagarh( | BJP MLA and former minister Brijmohan Agrawal said that Congress is very scared, it has lost. She wants to win elections on the basis of money and power, but the people have decided that power will defeat power and money power.

Mr. Agrawal was discussing in Khairagarh today. He said that in Khairagarh by-election, the government administration is completely violating the election code of conduct and working at the behest of the government. The checkposts that have been built have the Congress flag on them and Congress vehicles are being left without checking. Every BJP vehicles are being checked there. Collector, SP, SDM are completely engaged in the trick of power by disturbing the sanctity of elections. We urge the Election Commission to take action and take strict action against the disputed officials including ADM, call them back.

Mr. Agrawal said that the Bhupesh government of Congress has destroyed Khairagarh in the last three and a half years, did not spend even one rupee for the development of Khairagarh, played a cruel joke with him. Former MLA Mr. Raja Devvrat Singh ji kept pleading for the development of Khairagarh but he was not listened to and insulted.

Shri Agrawal said that whatever development has taken place in Khairagarh so far has happened under the lotus flower government of Bharatiya Janata Party. These gleaming roads, schools, colleges and community buildings are all a gift of the BJP government. Our government has done development work of 5 thousand crores in the last 15 years.
Mr. Agarwal said that Bhupesh Baghel is not talking about development in the elections. It is a symptom of the defeat of the Congress that for the last 10 days all the ministers and MLAs are camping in Khairagarh. But the people of Khairagarh assembly have decided that to avenge the humiliation of the region, they will win the BJP and give a clear message for the 2023 elections.