Construction work of biggest Ram temple of world begins in Kaithwalia

Patna,(| Biggest Ram temple of world “Virat Ramayan Mandir” is all set to come into existence in Kaithwalia of East Champaran district of Bihar as its construction works began on auspicious day of Lord Jagannath Yatra on Tuesday. Amid all religious rituals, Secretary of Mahaveer Mandir Trust Kishore Kunal launched construction work of biggest Ram temple in world at Kaithwalia in Kalyanpur block of East Champaran district. Foundation of first pillar of total 3,102 pillars of the temple was laid, which is proposed to be constructed in vast area of 3.67 lakhs square feet.

Kunal said that all piling works were scheduled to be completed by November this year while “Virat Ramayan Mandir” would be constructed by the end of year 2025.On auspicious day of Mahashivratri in 2025, biggest “Shivling” would be placed in the temple having width and parameter of 33 ft each and weight of 200 Metric Tonnes(MT). Besides main “Shivling”, “Sahasralinga” of black granite stone was also being carved out at Mahabalipuram near Chennai, he informed.

Secretary of the Trust said that highest Shikhar of the temple would be 270 ft while one Shikhar would be of height of 198 ft. There would be four Shikhars of 180 ft each, one Shikhar of 135 ft and five Shikhars of 108 ft each in proposed temple, he added. Total length of Virat Ramayan Mandir would be 1080 ft while its width would be 540 ft, he stated.

Kunal said that there would be 22 Devalaya of Shaiv and Vaishnav Gods and Goddesses in premises of Virat Ramayan Mandir. A total of 120 acres of land was available for construction of Ram temple which has been procured by Trust after purchasing it from locals while some have also donated out of their devotions, he informed.

Secretary said that “Bhumi Pujan” of the temple was done in 2012 and its name was earlier proposed as “Ankorwat Mandir” but Cambodia government had objected its proposed name by pointing out that it had similarity with “Ankorwat Mandir” existing in their country since long.

Later, its proposed name was changed to “Virat Ramayan Mandir” but the process took time of five years as a report of Archaeological Survey of India(ASI) became a basis for settling the issue, he recalled. National Green Tribunal (NGT) had also given No Objection Certificate (NOC) for construction of Virat Ramayan Mandir, he informed. (UNI)