Creativity, Sensitivity make a person relevant in age of machines & AI : Rajnath Singh

New Delhi (|  Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said that creativity, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence and sensitivity are the qualities which will make a person relevant and employable in the present age of machines and artificial intelligence.

Addressing the NCC cadets during his visit to the Republic Day Camp at Delhi Cantt on Saturday, the Defence Minister appreciated the NCC for equipping the cadets with these qualities and ensuring their all-round development to lead the next generation. Sharing his insights on the rise of artificial intelligence in today’s technology-driven era, Rajnath asserted that with time and further advancements, people will begin to focus more on creating a career in sectors where machines cannot execute the desired tasks, an official statement said here.

He, however, stressed on the fact that even if machines could perform physical and intellectual tasks, they cannot be creative, generate consciousness and develop interpersonal skills like humans. This is where, he pointed out, the NCC is playing a crucial role. The Minister said, “The NCC, through its various initiatives and programmes, is ensuring holistic growth of cadets by making them physically, mentally and emotionally strong, developing their social skills and instilling the feeling of patriotism and national pride. Along with studies, it is extremely important for the cadets to imbibe these qualities. This will help them to give their 100% in the progress of the country”.

On the occasion, Singh gave away the Raksha Mantri Padak and Commendation Cards to the NCC cadets for their exemplary performance and devotion to duty. This year, the Raksha Mantri Padaks were awarded to Senior Under Officer Makkatira Kalpana Kuttappa of Karnataka & Goa Directorate, and Junior Under Officer Dechen Chuskit of Jammu Kashmir & Ladakh Directorate.

The Raksha Mantri Commendation Cards were given to Under Officer Amar Morang of North Eastern Region Directorate, and Senior Under Officer Jyotirmaya Singh Chauhan of Uttar Pradesh Directorate. Earlier, the Raksha Mantri reviewed an impressive ‘Guard of Honour’ presented by the cadets representing the Army, Navy, and Air Force wings of the NCC. DG NCC Lt Gen Gurbirpal Singh and other senior officials of NCC & Ministry of Defence were present on the occasion. (uni)