Dantewada becomes the first district to provide a Virology lab facility

Patients can avail CT Scan facility in the district hospital

Raipur ( |Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel is committed to making special efforts to provide better healthcare facilities to people living in remote and inaccessible areas. The state has shown all-round development in the fields of healthcare, education, malnutrition, and self-employment. Dantewada in Bastar is the first district that is all set to provide the facility of a virology lab in its district hospital. In accordance with the Chief Minister’s announcement, the CT Scan facility has also started in the district hospital, and villagers from far and wide are benefiting from this service. People can use the CT Scan facility in the district hospital in the event of an emergency. Patients won’t need to visit big cities like Jagdalpur to get a CT scan, they can avail the facility close to their homes.
The establishment of a virology lab in the district hospital will enable the testing of Hepatitis B and C. Earlier, after a Hepatitis test, patients were sent to AIIMS for medical examination if the rapid test reports were positive. This test would cost nearly Rs. 10 to 15 thousand at private lab institutions. Now the test can be conducted free of charge in the virology lab of the Dantewada District Hospital. This will not only benefit patients, but it will also save their time, as they won’t have to wait for an entire month. They will receive the reports without much delay. The Chief Medical and Health Officer said that Dantewada will be the first district in the Bastar division to offer a virology lab facility in its district hospital.