Discussion with CM Bhupesh Baghel on the occasion of NDTV MP/Chhattisgarh channel launch today

Raipur ( |Chief Minister stated when Chhattisgarh was a part of Madhya Pradesh, the significant reason for the formation of Chhattisgarh was its distinct culture.

• Despite a significant passage of time, the people of the state were unable to fully embrace the joys of the newly formed state. We have taken initiatives to preserve and promote our cultural heritage.

• Chhattisgarh is considered to be the ‘Nanihal’ (maternal grandparents’ home) of Lord Ram, and its landscapes mirror his journey through the forests during his exile. An exemplary coexistence of diverse religions can be observed here in places like Sirpur. The deep influences of Kabir, Guru Ghasidas, and Swami Vivekananda resonate here.

• In Chhattisgarh, differences of opinion are also respected, and advice is sought from all. The efforts involve perpetuating good traditions while rectifying the flawed ones.

• The NITI Aayog survey reveals that over 40 lakh people were uplifted from poverty, showcasing the effectiveness of the government’s policies.

• To ensure that students from Swami Atmanand English Medium School continue to receive education in English, the initiation of English medium colleges is planned.

• The government’s schemes have benefitted people belonging to all sections of society, which has brought prosperity to their lives.

• Rama is our nephew and holds a special place in Chhattisgarh’s faith. We have worked towards the expansion of Kaushalya Mandir.

• We have formulated plans according to Chhattisgarh’s needs. The establishment of mobile clinics has significantly improved medical access.

• Our country is rich in cultural diversity. This is the beauty of our country. We have worked to preserve our traditions.

• On this occasion, as per presenter Shri Sanket Upadhyay’s request, Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel also sang a devotional song “Shri Ramchandra Kripalu Bhajman, Haran Bhav Bhay Darunam.”