Don’t vent anger of defeat in parliament session: PM tells opposition

New Delhi (thestates,news)| Asserting that people have rejected negativity in the latest state Assembly polls, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday urged the opposition not to vent the anger of defeat in the parliament session.
The BJP came up with spectacular performances in the polls in three Hindi heartland states, the results of which were declared on Sunday. The saffron outfit seized power from the Congress in Chattisgarh and Rajasthan, and retained its government with a two-thirds majority in Madhya Pradesh.
Having badly lost out in all three states, the only consolation for the Congress was victory in Telangana, where it unseated the ruling BRS..
Briefing the media before the winter season of Parliament, the Prime Minister said, “Instead of planning to vent out the anger of the defeat in this session, if we learn from this defeat and leave the trend of negativity and move ahead with positivity in this session, then the country will change the way it looks at them (opposition)”.
“Based on the election results, I would say that this is a golden opportunity for the Opposition. They must shed the negativity they have been carrying for nine years and proceed with positivity,” he added. (UNI)