Eco-friendly Ganesha idols crafted by women SHGs in high demand

Ambikapur, ( | Women associated with self-help groups in the district are diligently crafting eco-friendly idols of Lord Ganesha ahead of the Ganesh Chaturthi festival. These handcrafted idols are now available for purchase at C-Mart, and the women have also set up stalls in local markets. There is a growing demand for these beautiful idols among the public.

Rahul Sinha, who came to C-Mart to purchase household items, stated “I spotted these Ganesha idols here and was informed that they are made from clay. I bought one for Rs 350. Clay-made, eco-friendly idols do not harm the environment.”

It’s worth mentioning that these Ganesha idols are being prepared by women from Ganesh Pratima Nirman Utpadak Samuh Karmi and Shakti Samooh and Pragati Women Self-Help Group at RIPA Gauthan Mendrakala. Vimla, a member of the Shakti Samooh explained, “These idols are entirely made from clay. Collectively, we have produced a large number of idols. Initially, we began this work upon receiving orders, but given the demand and profitability from idol sales, we have continued preparing them.”

A member of the Pragati Women Self-Help Group stated that she enjoys doing this work. The women within the group are enthusiastically involved in the creation of these idols, and the government and administration have provided them with a valuable source of employment. What brings them the greatest satisfaction is knowing that the idols they craft with their own hands will be worshipped in homes throughout the region.