Entry to Ayodhya closed amid huge rush for darshan at Ram Temple

New Delhi, (| Entry for all vehicles and devotees on foot heading towards Ayodhya has been closed after a massive crowd gathered on Tuesday to offer prayers at the Ram Temple following its grand opening. The Uttar Pradesh police issued an advisory, appealing to devotees not to visit Ayodhya Dham on January 23 because of the massive crowd at the Temple.

All vehicle routes have been diverted, and devotees arriving on foot are also not allowed to enter Ayodhya, it said. In a social media post on X, Barabanki Police said, “Devotees planning to visit Ayodhya are humbly requested not to go on January 23 due to a massive crowd of pilgrims.

“Due to the massive rush, the routes of all vehicles heading towards Ayodhya have been diverted, and devotees on foot are also being stopped by the Barabanki police,” it added.(uni)