Felicitation of Gram Panchayats under Nine Different Themes for their Significant Contribution in Localization of Sustainable Development Goals

Raipur ( | At the state-level ‘Mahapanchayat’ program held today, Union Minister of State for Panchayati Raj Shri Kapil Moreshwar Patil and Deputy Chief Minister Shri Vijay Sharma felicitated the Gram Panchayats under nine different themes and categories for their significant contribution in the localization of Sustainable Development Goals. The Ministry of Panchayati Raj has taken a comprehensive approach and localized the Sustainable Development Goals in form of nine resolutions to ensure participation of all the communities, thereby leading towards the holistic development of Gram Panchayats.

Under Theme-1, Nagam Gram Panchayat was feliciatated as ‘Poverty-Free Gram Panchayat With Improved Livelihood

Under Theme-1, Gram Panchayat Nagam, Zila Panchayat Lundra, District-Surguja was honored for becoming the poverty-free Gram Panchayat with improved livelihood. Through the tireless efforts such as employment generation under MNREGA, empowerment of women through self-help groups and effective measures for eradicating poverty, Gram Panchayat Nagam has created livelihood and employment opportunities for all.

Under Theme-2, Gram Panchayat Sankara was honored as ‘Healthy Gram Panchayat’

Under Theme-2, Gram Panchayat Sankara, Zila Panchayat Nagari, District-Dhamtari was felicitated as ‘Healthy Gram Panchayat. This panchayat has significantly improved the quality of healthcare services to ensure sound health and well-being of the residents.

Under Theme-3, Gram Panchayat Nilja was felicitated as ‘Child-friendly Gram Panchayat’

  Gram Panchayat Nilja, Zila Panchayat-Dharsiwa, District-Raipur has been at the forefront in clearly understanding and resolving all the major issues related to children in its Gram Panchayat areas, for which it has been felicitated as the ‘Child-friendly Gram Panchayat’ under theme-3.

Under Theme-4, Gram Panchayat Baghnadi honored for their works in ensuring regular water-supply and conservation

With the consolidated efforts to provide regular water-supply and ensure water-conservation, Gram Panchayat Baghnadi, Zila Panchayat Dongargarh, District Rajnandgaon has become a water-rich Gram Panchayat, for which it has been felicitated under Theme-04.

Under Theme-5, Gram Panchayat Jonkbala felicitated as ‘Clean and Green Gram Panchayat’

Gram Panchayat Jonkbala, Zila Panchayat – , District – Jashpur, has been felicitated as ‘Clean and Green Gram Panchayat’ under theme-5, for maintaining cleanliness and greenery in the area, providing a healthy surrounding to the residents.

Under Theme-6, Gram Panchayat Ajwal was felicitated as the ‘Gram Panchayat with Self-Reliant Infrastructure’

  Gram Panchayat Ajwal, Zila Panchayat- Jagdalpur, District-Bastar, has developed modern infrastructure in the village for which it was honoured as ‘The Gram Panchayat with Self-Reliant Infrastructure’ under Theme-06.

Under Theme-7, Gram Panchayat Pikripara was honored as ‘Socially-Safe Gram Panchayat

From supporting people in their efforts to overcome poverty, to reducing inequality, to providing opportunity of capacity building, while managing the economic and social problems such as unemployment, social exclusion, illness, disability and old age, Gram Panchayat Pikripara, Zila Panchayat- Gurur, District Balod has taken a holistic approach to ensure inclusive development. Therefore, Gram Panchayat was honored as ‘Socially-Safe Gram Panchayat’ under theme-7.

Under Theme-8, Gram Panchayat Khadgwankala felicitated as ‘Good Governance Gram Panchayat’

Good governance includes providing benefits of various government schemes and services to the people of Gram Panchayat, ensuring transparency and accountability in the administration, while encouraging public cooperation and participation.
Gram Panchayat Kharagwankala, District Panchayat-Pratappur, District-Surajpur has set an example of good governance by implementing the vision of former Prime Minister Late Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, for which it has been honored as ‘Good Governance Gram Panchayat’ under Theme-08.

Under Theme-9, Gram Panchayat Kuthrel was honored as ‘Women-friendly Gram Panchayat’

Panchayats in rural areas have the responsibility to promote gender equality so that women and girls are not deprived of the opportunities they deserve. It is the responsibility of Panchayats to ensure participation of women and girls in political, economic and social arena. Gram Panchayat Kuthrel, Zila Panchayat-Durg, District-Durg has empowered women and lived up to its responsibilities, for which it has been felicitated as ‘Women-Friendly Gram Panchayat’ under Theme-9.